Another tea-riffic blog post

I was listening to 6 Music this morning and apparently it’s National Tea Day. We’ve spoken about how much we love a brew in one of our previous blog posts. Since then we’ve been keeping tabs on how many teas and coffees we’ve been drinking while we’re working at home. So far we’re at a total of 235 between us! I’m sure I’ll have topped that up to 236 by the end of this post too.

So, who’s been drinking the most? And how does that differ from our tea round in the studio?

Unsurprisingly, Rob’s topped the leaderboard with 69 cups of tea. He drinks them piping hot and they’re gone within minutes. However, it did surprise me to hear that Caitlin’s only had 46 brews over the last couple of weeks – that’s definitely down on how many she sups in the office. Rob’s currently in second place with 62 (I didn’t know this was a competition until I started writing this) and 58 out of the 235 are mine, but they’re mostly coffee. In fact, only five of them were tea!

But what about brands? Where do our loyal-teas lie?

Caitlin’s partial to a Yorkshire Tea while Rob’s go-to is a decaf teabag from Aldi (value for money, and all that). Have I told you about the time he made us save his tea bag to see how many cups he could get out of it? Or how we didn’t hear the end of it when he had to pay more for a box from Sainsbury’s? He’s Yorkshire through and through, what can I say! Continuing the Yorkshire theme, Rob’s tea of choice is also Yorkshire Tea and his coffee is from Taylors of Harrogate. Meanwhile, I’m from Manchester and don’t get all this Yorkshire pride, so I get mine delivered every couple of weeks from Pact Coffee.

Anyway, I’ve just finished drinking cup no. 236 so I’ll wrap this up. You might have noticed that Jordan‘s been missing from this post. I haven’t forgotten about him, it’s because he doesn’t drink hot drinks. He did say he’s been drinking enough beer and wine on the weekends to make up for it though. Maybe he’s at the top of that leaderboard after all!


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