Creepin’ it real

Today is the spookiest day of the year and a bunch of us at the Loom and TLF office have been planning a fang-tastic day full of tricks and treats.

In fact we’ve just finished clearing up from our VERY competitive apple bobbing (Note to self: bring more towels, or maybe move Halloween to July and do it outside). I’m sure it will come as no surprise that the we won! We are a tiny bit competitive, after all. Big shout out to Jordan for getting right in there and winning us an all expenses paid lunch.* I hope you dry off soon.

I’m off to count up the nominations for our fancy dress competition in a minute, so I’ll round this blog post up quickly. There’s two prizes (one for best dressed and another for most creative) and let me tell you, some of the costumes in the office today are seriously spooky! Something tells me we haven’t won this one…

*There’s a budget, but we’re a cheap date. Nando’s next Wednesday, you say?


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