Making the Most of The Sunshine

This weekend I’ve been playing around with cyanotype prints. You need a bright sunny day (or a UV lamp) to expose them and the weather this Bank Holiday weekend has been perfect. Plus, it’s nice to hang out in the garden for a change of scenery. Anyway, that’s how this blog post came about. I enjoy seeing how people are spending their time in lockdown; you never know, it might spark an idea or two. I asked the rest of the Loom team what they’d been up to over the long weekend and put it all together in this wholesome little blog post.

So, going back to those prints I was talking about. Here’s what I mean…

Basically, the paper is coated in a light-reactive chemical. You can choose which parts of the image get exposed by placing objects on top of the paper to block out the suns rays. Once it’s been sat in the sun for a little while, you wash it all out and the parts where it’s been exposed turn a really rich blue, or cyan, colour (that’s why they’re called cyanotypes) and anything where the sun couldn’t reach remains white. You can block out the sun with anything you want, but I make these nifty little papercuts and I had a feeling that they would look pretty cool… and they do!

I think that’s enough about me though. Let’s take a look at how everyone else has been enjoying the sunshine. Sensibly, of course…

Remember last year when we had a BBQ at our office? Well, Jordan’s been at it again. In between BBQs he’s been helping his daughter with the gardening. It looks like she’s pretty much on top it though.

Rob bought a pizza oven last year. Not one of those cheap ones either; it’s proper fancy! If he’s not down at his allotment, you’ll probably find him rustling up some pizzas. When we get back in the studio I’m going to tell him that it’s National Bring Your Pizza Oven To Work Day.

Caitlin’s been baking again! We mentioned in our Valentine’s bake sale post that she’s our star baker here at Loom, and she’s definitely living up to that title. This weekend she made this egg-cellent looking chocolate cake. That’s BBQs, pizzas and cake. Are you hungry yet?

Finally, have we mentioned that we’re based in Yorkshire? Well, we are and we’re proud of it! One great thing about living here is that we don’t have to walk all that far to find some really beautiful views, and that’s what Rob’s been up to. He’s been out with Dexter for his daily walk every lunch time. This weekend he found somewhere new that’s just a 20 minute walk from his house. How amazing is that view?

There’s another Bank Holiday coming up in a couple of weeks. If we’re still in lockdown I’m sure we’ll be back with another fun in the sun kind of post. We’ll see you then!


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