Clarion Housing Group is the country’s largest housing association, Clarion Housing, with 125,000 homes nationwide. Also a leading developer, they plan to build 50,000 homes over ten years. A business for social purpose, Clarion uses its charitable foundation, Clarion Futures, to create opportunities that change people’s lives. Over 360,000 people call a Clarion Housing property their home.

The reversible box.

Following the merger of Affinity Sutton and Circle Housing the newly formed Clarion Housing needed a consistent and coherent message and way of working.  The challenge of bringing together two companies and creating a unified understanding and work flow was always going to have its challenges.  Loom were commissioned to help with the transition by way of some training tools to be used on staff training days.

Employees were invited to add their own thoughts, feelings and suggestions as to how best move the new united company forward.

The Perfect Repairs Experience

Following on from ongoing research conducted on behalf of Clarion Housing – by TLF Research – a series of animated videos were created in order to feedback the results and findings to all employees within Clarion Housing.

Everyone has a part to play.

We were asked to make a series of films to be shown at their staff conference.  The brief – to document the importance of relationships between employees and customers. Filmed over 3 days at numerous locations both staff and residents were invited to share their experiences, challenges and the rewards of what happens when it works.

360,000 people call a Clarion house…
their home


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