Ugly Mugs

Things are hard right now. There’s so much going on and it’s kind of scary. With that in mind, we’ve started up a weekly quiz challenge to give our colleagues a distraction, and keep morale up within the company.

First up last week, it was Ugly Mugs. Everyone knows their own tea/coffee round, and how everyone takes their hot drinks — my black coffee goes in the Pantone mug and Rob’s decaf tea with milk, piping hot but not too strong, goes in the personalised mug with his kids on. But how much does everyone know about their colleagues home-working mugs?

We got 30 people to send us a photo of their cuppa and asked them to include a clue or two. On receiving them back, our first impression was that this was going to be HARD. The Angel of the North was an easy clue — it really could only belong to one person — but the Norwegian Starbucks mug had people baffled with only a handful of people guessing it correctly. Quite a few people suggested Caitlin (she’s always jetting off on holiday you see) but they were wrong, and it in fact belongs to our Chairman, Nigel. The Periodic Table of Typefaces mug you’ll see below doesn’t even belong to one of us designers, but that Sad Ghost Club mug is mine.

Scores on the answer sheets ranged from 7 (did you even try, Greg?) all the way up to the joint high score of 22! That’s some super detective work right there considering the average score was 14. Although, it is a little bit suspicious that those two joint winners happen to be friends…

In the event of a draw we added in a tie-breaker question, and it’s a good job we did. We asked people ‘how many delicious heart-shaped sweets are there in this mug?’, and it turns out that this was the hardest question of them all.

We had a few guesses around the 100 mark, with the lowest answer being 62 and the highest all the way up at 239. Funnily enough, if you average out all of the guesses we got it comes to 124, which is only 2 away from the correct answer of 126. One person even guessed at 127, which was the nearest that anyone got. Unfortunately, neither of the two joint winners I mentioned above had the closest guess, but their responses did help us pick between first and second place. Congratulations to our winner, and thank you to everyone who took part!

We’ve been busy prepping our own personalised version of Would I Lie To You for this week. I look forward to sharing anything investing we uncover soon!


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