Keeping the Loom running…from home!

We’ve been sharing our working from home tips and tricks with each other today and it’s been really great to hear how everyone keeps their head level through tough situations. We thought it would be nice to share them with you too.

Me first, I guess. Hey, I’m Becka and I’m the one sat here writing this post for you. A couple of us at Loom work from home on a regular basis so we’ve had a bit of time to figure out what works well for us and these are my top tips:

    • Get up, showered and dressed in a morning, even if it’s into clean PJs. It’s really good for your mental health.
    • Stick to your working routine as much as possible and make sure you take your lunch (and coffee) breaks!
    • Eat your fruit and veg and drink lots of water. It’s easy to fall into bad habits when you’re at home, but trust me eating your greens helps you feel less bad.
    • Fresh air is a good feeling! If you can, go for a short walk on your lunch break, or crack a window while you work.
    • Keep your working environment tidy. It makes everything a lot less stressful, clears your mind, and it’s easier to focus.

I’m not always good at following my own advice but I do notice a big difference when I look after myself properly.

P.s everything is better when you have some proper banging tunes on in the background! I’m listening to the new Four Tet record right now, if you’re looking for a recommendation.

Next up we’ve got Rob and I’m only slightly jealous that he gets to hang out with his best pal, Dexter, all of the time now. He’s written a list of his top tops for you:

    • Getting up at the same time as I would if I was travelling to work, albeit there’s now no 5:50 alarm going off. This is good for keeping my mind ready for the work routine.
    • Been getting in an early morning walk with Dexter. There’s nowt like a good bit of fresh air!
    • Eating plenty of fresh fruit & veg, whilst we have it available to us – supplies are now diminishing.
    • Another walk in the fresh air later on, basically because I have a Spaniel pawing at me!*

*Pre lockdown of course, it’s one walk a day for poor Dexter now.

Oh, and apparently he’s been talked into doing some sort of online yoga class with his fiancée and her co-workers –

If anything funny is to come out of this it’s me attempting to do Yoga! Yep, someone who can’t even put his socks on without laying down!”

Cue that iconic Brooklyn 99 scene

Yoga might not be their thing, but when they’re in the studio Rob and Jordan spend their lunch hours at the local gym lifting some silly amount of weights. They’ve both mentioned exercise as a key thing to keep your head level and plan on switching to more living room friendly options for the next few weeks. Jordan’s picked up some resistance bands to get a workout in at home while he can’t get to the gym, and did I mention that Rob’s doing Yoga?! Anyway, back to those top tips…

If you’ve been on our blog before you’ll have already met Caitlin, our not-so-new any more Junior Designer. This working from home situation is pretty new to her, so she’s written you a newbies list on how to stay motivated and cope with the change.

The five things I’ve learnt and would recommend are:

    • Getting up, showered and dressed as usual for my “commute” to work aka my workspace.
    • Sticking to the same working timings and routine – luckily don’t have to get up as early for the train, but I set my morning alarm for the time I’d usually set off for the train to keep that routine. Making those regular tea breaks and taking the same lunch break is also super crucial.
    • Keeping my workspace and personal space completely separate so that at the end of the day I can completely shut off.
    • Find a cracking podcast, or playlist to play in the background – it’s usually your colleagues you can hear in the background (Totally miss the heckling in the studio already though!)
    • Try and stay active and get fresh air, whether that be a walk in the open (whilst we can) or having a walk around the garden. I’ve found myself drinking more water too!

And last but not least we have our other Rob. He’s our Creative Director and as you’d expect he’s got the most important home-working advice. Just two simple rules. Easy peasy.

  1. Make sure you close the baby gates
  2. Don’t forget rule number one!


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